By Leslie Kelly

Thousands of tourists visit Seattle's historic Pike Place Market every day during the summer, many standing in long lines for the famous chowder, mini doughnuts, Piroshky, and a cuppa at the flagship Starbucks. You can skip those lines and sample some of Seattle's best under-the-radar eats by heading to these hidden nooks and crannies in the massive market. Here are 9 awesome spots that insiders would rather keep to themselves, but we're all about sharing. You're welcome!

Matt's in the Market Deviled Eggs | Photo by Leslie Kelly

1) Honest Biscuits
North Carolina native Art Stone and his crew bake fluffy biscuits that can be topped with fried eggs, country ham, and other sweet or savories at this corner cafe in the Atrium. Don't miss the cheese grits.

2) Bavarian Meats
Beloved for its extensive selection of European pantry essentials -- Ground Zero for every type of mustard, for instance -- but its deli also offers quick snacks and meals, including bratwurst on a stick. Now serving breakfast, too. On Pike Place, just north of Starbucks.

3) Ghost Alley Espresso
Steps from the famous Gum Wall in lower Post Alley, this teeny coffee shop specializes in memorable drinks made with organic beans from Middle Fork Roasters. The owner also leads ghost tours of the Market.

4) Market Grill
This counter in the heart of the Main Arcade wins fans with its flame-grilled fish sandwiches, but you really need to try a cup of the rich but not too thick clam chowder. Chunks of carrots may not be traditional, but they sure add a bright note to the hearty soup.

5) Chicken Valley
Craving a piece of fried chicken? This take-away counter is just the ticket, and has been for more than 20 years. Cheap and satisfying, grab your order in the Main Arcade and head down to the nearby seating area with a knockout view of Elliott Bay.

6) Britt's Pickles
Naturally fermented so they're packed with probiotics, these pickles are flavorful and good for your gut. Grab a pickle on a stick for $3 and walk around eating it, and you're sure to get asked where you scored that big juicy thing.

7) Lopriore Pasta Bar
A longtime fixture at the Market, this family operation makes sure you don't walk away hungry. It's not on the menu, but ask for a special spaghetti and meatballs sandwich, a monster-size meal big enough to share.

8) Matt's in the Market
This stellar restaurant's not exactly a secret, but its happy hour is definitely not well known. There are just seven seats at the bar, which is the only place to enjoy deep discounts on signature items like the killer deviled eggs. Happy hour is between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, but to score a seat, come early.

9) indi chocolate
Small batch artisan chocolate made from impeccably sourced beans, indi took top honors in our Dark vs. Milk Chocolate Tasting Panel. One bite should convince you. The tiny shop also spices and rubs made from those beans, and occasionally offers classes. Sweet!