*runs for the freezer aisle*
Uncrustables Taco Bites
Credit: foodiewiththebeasts/Instagram

You have probably had Uncrustables' delicious, classic PB&J bites before, but now the Smucker's brand has shocked us all by coming out with a few new meat-focused Uncrustables. What's inside? These mini sandwiches are heavy on the meat, cheese, and seasonings.

There are two Uncrustable "taco bites" that come as mini sandwiches. One is stuffed with BBQ chicken, and the other uses beef taco meat, cheese, and salsa, and taco seasoning mix for flavor.

And there are two other roll-up sandwiches, too. One is turkey and Colby jack cheese in a flatbread roll-up, and the other has the same flatbread exterior but contains uncured ham and cheddar, instead. They're all the cutest, most perfect mini sandwiches for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Spotted by Instagram user @foodiewiththebeasts at a Target for $3.99 a box, the caption reads, “How cool are these new uncrustables?! Taco bites! BBQ Chicken Bites! Ham and cheese rolls! & Turkey and cheese rolls!! Found at target!”

As for storage, keep them in the freezer and simply heat up in the microwave when you're ready to snack on them. We don't know how they'll compare to the PB&J, but we cannot wait to try them and see.