Bonus points if you wear an ugly Christmas sweater while you decorate these cookies.
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Ugly Sweater Cookies
Credit: Walmart

It's almost time to bring out your favorite ugly Christmas sweater for holiday parties. But this year, you should not do it without a bit of sugary fun. This cute cookie kit lets you decorate your own unflattering, poorly-patterned, non-stylish mess on some delicious sugar cookies — which you can then eat or photo and share with your Instagram followers. (Even ugly things deserve a little social media love.)

Decorating these cookies is the perfect way to have some fun with holiday treats this year, and it shakes things up from basic gingerbread houses. The ugly sweater cookie kit has 16 vanilla cookies, and it's just less than $9 when purchased from Walmart.

Buy the cookie kit: $8.98;

The frostings come in holiday colors, like red and green, so you can draw ornaments, Santa, Christmas trees, stockings, and more to make these sweaters as festive as possible.

When can you do this? Any rainy day, a night in with kids, or when you're simply just feeling creative and want to do something artistic. And then of course, you can eat them to satisfy that holiday sweet tooth.

Think of this sugar cookie kit as a fun DIY project when you don't have time to bake your own sugar cookies but still want the fun and merriment that cookie decorating brings. And you can even decorate in your ugly sweater. That really brings it all together, right?