Move aside buffalo wings; there's a new spicy favorite in town!

Tyson has collaborated with Tajín to add the seasoning company's famous hot and tangy flavor to a range of products.

Tyson's Tajín Chicken Nuggets boast 100 percent natural ingredients using all white meat, and they're marked as "Mild" in heat so the whole family can enjoy them. The other chicken product, Tajín Chili Lime Boneless Bites, would be a great zesty addition to your next tailgating spread or even taco night.

Both products should be arriving in a freezer aisle near you soon, with some Instagram users already spotting them at their local stores.

Tajin Smoked Sausages
Credit: Hillshire Farm

But Tyson didn't just stick with chicken during their partnership with Tajín. Hillshire Farm has also released two new products, Tajín Chili Lime Smoked Sausage and Tajín Chili Lime Smoked Sausage with Mango.

During a press release, Michelle Duran — the chef who led the Tajín product development for Hillshire Farm — said, "Tajín brings a unique, flavorful chili-lime ‘zing’ that pairs perfectly with these products. Now, consumers will have even more opportunities to spice up meals with our new flavorful sausage and chicken offerings.”

Keep your eye out in the grocery store for Tyson's new items, but with Tajín being predicted as one of the top flavors of 2020, it's likely that this won't be the last Tajín-infused products that we see rolling out.

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