The bouquet your boo *really* wants this Valentine's Day.

Everyone knows chocolate beats roses as a true token of affection. But chocolate doesn't stand a chance when it's up against chicken nuggets, especially chicken nuggets in bouquet form.

As if you needed another reason to surprise your special someone (or best friend) with a nugget bouquet, Tyson has turned the chicken nugget bouquet trend into a contest. Just build your bouquet, upload a photo of it, and tweet it to @TysonBrand with the hashtag #nuggetbouquetcontest.

The grand prize is $10,000 for a romantic getaway and a year's supply of Tyson chicken nuggets. (So, get started!) You can view the full contest rules here. The winner will be announced in late February.

But really, what's more important? Winning a contest or winning over bae with a bouquet of nuggets? We'll leave that one to you.