You Can Try Twix's Brand New Flavor For Free — Here's How to Get The First Taste

You'll have to wait until December to find it in stores, but 1,000 fans can get a preview.

Twix Cookie Dough
Photo: Mars/Allrecipes

Whether you're partial to the left Twix or the right Twix, we can all agree that the chocolate-cookie creation is a delicious treat. And today, Twix announced that they'll be upping the cookie ante with their brand new flavor: Twix Cookie Dough.

The new Twix Cookie Dough combines the classic flavors of the Twix cookie bars with a layer of creamy cookie dough and chocolate cookie bits all coated in the traditional milk chocolate. It's truly a cookie lover's dream come true.

Customers won't see this new flavor on shelves until December, but Twix is giving 1,000 lucky fans an exclusive taste of the new candy in honor of National Cookie Dough Day on June 21. The first 1,000 people to visit Twix's site on National Cookie Dough Day will receive a free first taste of the Twix Cookie Dough flavor.

The giveaway is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you want to try this new flavor before December, you'll have to act fast! As soon as the countdown clock hits zero, you'll be able to enter your information for your Twix sample. You can also head to Twix's site now to set up a reminder to revisit the site on June 21 to try to grab your free Twix Cookie Dough.

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