This genius hack will get your breakfast burrito into your belly in a big, fat hurry.

On my morning walk into work, I pass by Cantina Leña, often waving to the hard-working chefs behind the counter, but the other day I stopped short. There was a new sandwich board sign out front: Breakfast Burritos now served every day. Oh, yes, please. When I went in to order, I got even more than I expected: A cooking lesson that changed my weekends forever.

Cantina Lena's Breakfast Burrito
Genius trick for making a super quick breakfast burrito, thanks to Cantina Lena in Seattle. GIF by Leslie Kelly

Leña's chef de cuisine, Brian Walczyk came up with the quickie hack for making breakfast burritos, taking a cue from his friend and fellow chef Dev Patel, who also works on the Tom Douglas Company's Prosser farm during the summer months. "That's the method they use for making Frankie's, the curry wraps served at Home Remedy. They're based on Dev's favorite street food in India," chef Brian explained.

Cantina Lena's Breakfast Burrito closeup
This breakfast burrito comes together quickly, thanks to a genius cooking trick learned from the chefs at Cantina Lena. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Here's how this brilliant burrito goes down:

Eggs, beaten with a fork, go onto a well-oiled, hot cooking surface, in something that looks roughly like a circle. In the restaurant, it's cooked on a flat-top grill, but at home, you can use a large skillet.

As soon as the eggs hit the surface, cover them with a flour tortilla. The eggs cook quickly and the tortilla becomes pliant enough to roll. You skip the step of scrambling the eggs in one pan and warming up the tortillas separately. Genius!

After about a minute, remove the tortilla and egg combo from the cooking surface, flip over and fill with beans, fried potatoes, cheese, crumbled chorizo, pico de gallo, guacamole and whatever else makes your breakfast burrito shine. At Cantina Lena, they ladle on a fiery queso sauce. Mmmm-ore of that, please.

So glad I stopped in for that first morning meal, and grateful to the chefs who generously shared that brilliant shortcut that I'm working on perfecting at home.

Cantina Lena's Breakfast Burrito chef Nick
Cantina Lena's Breakfast Burrito is quick and easy and super delicious. Photo by Leslie Kelly