By Leslie Kelly
August 17, 2017

Cucumber salads are a refreshing counter point to a rich meal, bringing a cool, slightly sweet crunch to the party. Creamy versions of the beloved side dish originate in culinary traditions from faraway places, from Greek tzatiki to a beloved Polish treasure called Mizeria. How cool is that?

Awesome Combos

What goes so well when paired up with the refreshing crunch of cukes? Juicy tomatoes, for sure. Onions? Check! And, how about the distinctive flavor of fresh herbs such as dill and mint, or even some blue cheese? Yes, please and thank you.

Photo by naples34102

For the Purist

It doesn't get much tastier than slicing and mixing with sour cream or yogurt or mayo. Those creations appeal to palates looking for a respite from something spicy. To make the salad even better, salt the cukes after slicing to draw out excess moisture, leaving the pure essence of the cucumber to shine brightly.

Photo by cheesemite

Global Goodness

Whether it's the soothing raita from India or the satisfying sandwich filling from the Middle East, these delightful, creamy side dishes have a long history of being an essential part of amazing feasts. Watch this short video to learn how to prepare Gurkensalat, the cucumber dish from Germany.

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