Try Our 10 Best Scrambles for Summer

We love scrambles for summer brunching because they're fast, easy and a great way to incorporate seasonal produce. Here are 10 top-rated versions that should send you scrambling toward the kitchen to chop some veggies.

Herb Inspired

Fresh basil, chives, tarragon and more are brilliant companions for the rich, custard-like eggs. Just remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to strong herbs like tarragon, so go easy. You can always add more as a garnish.

Scrambled Eggs Garnished with Chive Flowers
Vanessa Greaves

From the Veggie Garden

When you can't keep up with all the homegrown zucchini and tomatoes, or that irresistible farmers market produce, these creations are just the ticket.

Feta Eggs
Photo by Holiday Baker.

Watch this short video for the scoop on making Chef John's Summer Scrambled Eggs:

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