Santa will ask for this drink with his cookies.
Trumoo Mint Milk
Credit: Dean Foods

If you love minty milkshakes, you will go crazy for this mint-vanilla flavored milk from TruMoo. It'll satisfy that sweet, holiday craving — and it's the perfect milk for dipping your favorite Christmas cookies. TruMoo describes it as being a "mint vanilla-flavored lowfat milk in a festive green color that keeps you (and your taste buds) feeling merry all through the holidays."

The milk was spotted by Instagram user @dadbodsnacks, and the photo shows it costs $3.49 in stores. TruMoo has chocolate milk and strawberry milk available year-round, but you can get that anytime, so this is definitely the flavor to sip on while you're watching Christmas cartoons. If you want, check in with your local stores to see if you can find it. Or you can check on the TruMoo site to see if you can locate the product in stores.