We Tried the New Mac & Cheetos and...

... we LOVED the Flaming Hot version of this crazy mashup that got its start at Burger King. Read our tasty tasting report below.

Mac and Cheetos photo by Rachel Coward
Photo by Rachel Coward.

Now Showing Up in the Frozen Food Department

After getting tons of buzz during its limited run at the fast food giant that's also known for its Chicken "Fries", Frito-Lay developed a version to bake at home. These bite-size nuggets are a little fatter than a Tater Tot, with macaroni and cheese on the inside and crushed Cheetos on the outside. For calorie counters, the package reports 280 per serving, with 3.5 grams of saturated fat. But, then again, if you're interested in this product, you're probably not counting calories. Also, you're going to need a couple of beers to put out the fire from the Flaming Hot version.

650 x 465 flaming hot mac and cheetos photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly.

Super Easy to Make

It only takes about 15 minutes in a preheated oven until Mac & Cheetos emerge toasty and really HOT, as in "wait a couple of minutes before eating" because the mac and cheese can burn your mouth if you get impatient and chomp on 'em too soon.

The Final Verdict

Our tasting survey of Allrecipes' Allrecipeeps at our Seattle HQ drew varied responses from one-bite-and-done to "I'm so addicted." All tasters definitely preferred the spicy version to the plain, which some described as dry and fairly bland, missing that neon orange Cheetos tang. "It needs some dipping sauce," one taster observed. (Maybe a Spicy Ranch, Salsa Verde or double down on the cheese with a classic Queso.) As a party food, it got some cheesy high fives: "These hold up better than mozzarella sticks."

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