Ice-cold lemonade on a scorching-hot summer afternoon. Nothing beats it. Except maybe colder than ice-cold lemonade.

Credit: Meredith

How do you make a drink colder than ice cold? Simple. Shake it like a cocktail.

Here's the trick to super-cold drinks:

1. Put plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker.

2. Add ice to a tall glass.

3. Pour your beverage into the shaker full of ice and shake it like you mean it — 10 seconds is enough.

4. Strain over the tall glass of fresh ice.

5. Sip cautiously, as guzzling may result in massive brain freeze.

This trick also works great with fruit juices, iced tea, and other non-carbonated soft drinks.

Why does shaking it like a cocktail work?

Because SCIENCE. It has something to do with the physics of heat transfer and laziness at the molecular level. Maybe this formula will straighten things out:

3,340 J = (800g)(4.18J/g) ∙ °C) ∆T

∆T ≈ 1 °C

Or maybe not. The bottom line is simple: Add a lot of ice to a drink and shake it, and you're going to get a very, very cold drink. You can see the results here:


The lemonade on the left was shaken on ice and strained into a glass of fresh ice. The lemonade on the right was poured directly over ice without first being shaken. An hour later, the shaken lemonade is still so cold that it's barely melted the ice.

BONUS: Shaking the lemonade also developed a tasty, texturally pleasing froth.

OK, let's get shaking. Here are some top contenders for chilling.

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