Legendary Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme passed away Oct. 8 at 75. In the 1980s, he started a culinary revolution by introducing the world to the pleasures of Cajun cooking. At K-Paul's Kitchen in New Orleans, his blackened redfish turned him into a hometown hero and one of the nation's first celebrity chefs. Here are some recipes that chef Paul helped bring to the mainstream, gifts for which gumbo, jambalaya and Sweet Potato-Pecan Pie lovers everywhere owe him a huge thank you.

1) Cajun Deviled Eggs

A spicy sprinkle wakes up this time-honored classic. Bring them to a potluck and everybody will love you.

cajun deviled eggs photo by Christina
Cajun Deviled Eggs. Photo by Christina

2) Deep-Fried Turkey

Injected with fiery seasonings to turn a bland bird into the life of the party, this dish has become a staple on many Thanksgiving tables.

101618103 cajun turkey via Meredith
Let the turkey rest after it's done roasting. Photo via Meredith Publishing

3) Gumbo

The secret to any gumbo is a carefully tended roux, with that butter and flour mixture stirred over slow heat until it turns mahogany.

Big Charlie's Gumbo
Photo by SpiceUpYourLife

4) Dirty Rice

Contrary to what many recipes describe, this isn't a kitchen sink, leftover-clearing dump recipe. No, the "dirty" refers to bits of liver, which adds a deep, rich flavor to vibrantly seasoned rice.

5) Jambalaya

Yes, Hank Williams made this mashup famous in that catchy song way back when, but chef Paul taught us how to make it just right.

436144 jambalaya by abapplez
Jambalaya features seafood, sausage and rice. Photo by abapplez

6) Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

It's like two great pies rolled into one. A fat dollop of whipped cream makes it even better.

101740846 sweet potato pecan pie via Meredith
Sweet potato pecan pie. Photo via Meredith Publishing