I was all prepared to wax poetic about all the fall recipes gaining popularity on Allrecipes, but you, our amazing members, decided to throw me a curve ball. There were two major trends last week, and I'm shocked at their popularity.

Your Favorite Recipe

Seemingly everyone went crazy for Cindy's Beef Tips. It has the most views and double the saves as the next most popular recipe! With the savory beef and creamy sauce, it does sound like the perfect food for a rainy, almost-Autumn day.

Photo by Elaine Lynn

What You Searched For

Your searches last week really threw me for a loop. Scotch eggs were the most-searched-for recipes, and two Scotch egg recipes were the second- and third-most viewed recipes. Some in the Allrecipes office think it might be due to last week's Masterchef episode. What are your thoughts? We've got a discussion going about this in Ask The Community, so feel free to add your two cents!

Scotch Eggs. Photo by coffeebeat

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Hottest New Recipe

In case you were wondering, our hottest new recipe is Spicy Old Bay® Skinny Fries. Those curly, starchy, seasoned fries look so good, I couldn't resist them either! After you make these morsels of crunchy, spicy goodness, don't forget to review and upload the beauty shots.

Photo by lutzflcat

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