By Allrecipes Editors

She may not be burning rubber on the racetrack anymore, but former professional race car driver Danica Patrick is still thrilling her fans with a new podcast and wine brand. She stopped by the Allrecipes studios to share what she’s doing with her life after NASCAR.

Danica fancies herself a bit of an artist, so while she shared stories about interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bobby Flay, she put icing to cookie to create herself in sugar form. Was the Wisconsin native able to craft a face that the whole world would know is hers? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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Danica launched her Pretty Intense podcast earlier this year and hosts guests like baseball great Alex Rodriguez and chef Marcus Samuelsson. She gets to talk about some of her favorite topics, food especially. After all, Danica's social media followers know she loves to eat, and she shared with us her ideal breakfasts — plant-based protein and chia seeds or waffles. (Pass the waffles, please.)

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