Just like her comedy (and language), Judy Gold's cookie decorating skills are colorful and innovative. Judy stopped by the Allrecipes studio to show off how well she can turn a basic sugar cookie into a candy-coated representation of herself — and she didn't spare any detail. While she decorated, Judy also chatted about her favorite foods, from the doughnut holes her grandmother used to make to the creamy onion bagel sandwich that was named for her at New York's famous Carnegie Deli (RIP).

Though a cookie decorating novice, Judy has honed her comedy skills through decades of stand-up; you may have seen her specials on Comedy Central and HBO. She also currently has her own podcast, Kill Me Now, that features interviews with some of Judy's favorite comedians and friends.

WATCH: Treat Yourself with Judy Gold

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You can find Judy's podcast, Kill Me Now, where you stream your podcasts. Her new book, "Yes I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians We're All in Trouble" will be released in summer 2020. You may also find her at a performance near you.

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