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Hannah Hart made a name for herself cooking while intoxicated on her YouTube series "My Drunk Kitchen," so when the author and Food Network star stopped by the Allrecipes studio to make a cookie version of herself, we felt it wouldn't be fair if she decorated her cookie stone-cold sober. That's why we gave her drunk glasses to wear. (Yes, they exist.)

While she navigated the dizzying effects of the glasses, she shared why she loves holidays — even the obscure ones like Left Handers' Day — and how she plans to celebrate all of them with the help of her new cookbook, "My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!: How to Savor and Celebrate the Year." Can she manage to pull off a sweet version of herself while feeling like the room is spinning? Watch and see!

WATCH: Treat Yourself with Hannah Hart

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Get your own copy of "My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!: How to Savor and Celebrate the Year: A Cookbook" now. In it you'll find recipes, crafts, and essays from the YouTube star. You can also watch more of Hannah's antics on her YouTube channel "My Harto."

Allow yourself some creative freedom, and make your own cookie self-portraits. For baking tips, see how to make homemade sugar cookies and try one of our top-rated sugar cookie recipes.

Then, use these easy tips to decorate sugar cookies so you can create a truly unique piece of cookie art.

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