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You might hate her character, Linda Ferguson, on Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black," but you'll love Beth Dover when you see how great she is at turning a cookie into a self-portrait. She stopped by the Allrecipes studio to decorate her cookie and dish about the seventh and final season of the hit Netflix comedy-drama series.

Beth, who also appeared on Comedy Central's "Another Period," recounts how being on OITNB has not only helped her grow professionally, but she's also made friends with many of her castmates, even if on-screen she's one of the most loathed characters. Beth's cookie, much like OITNB, takes a lot of unexpected and surprising twists. We particularly love the barrettes holding back her untamed licorice tresses. Hello, '90s raver!

WATCH: Treat Yourself with Beth Dover

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Catch Beth in the final season of "Orange Is the New Back" on Netflix now. You can also see her in Medical Police, a Netflix drama that will be out in early 2020, and "Another Period, " which is streaming on Comedy Central now.

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