Treat Yourself With Andrea Boehlke & Jeremy Parsons

Andrea Boehlke and Jeremy Parsons, hosts of "People Now," stopped by the Allrecipes studio to share fun moments from the show, dish on their bucket-list celebrities, and make super-cute cookie portraits of each other.

Boehlke and Parsons go face-to-face with some of Hollywood's biggest names — and they're not afraid to reveal their favorites. (Who doesn't love Tom Hanks?) Asking celebrities questions on the red carpet just might be good training for the high-pressure stakes of making beautiful cookies. Watch these two banter while they decorate their cookies, and top it off with a lighthearted rap battle.

WATCH: Treat Yourself with Andrea Boehlke & Jeremy Parsons

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If you're ready to try your hand at turning your friends in fabulous cookies, get easy tips to make sugar cookies, and use one of our top-rated sugar cookie recipes.

Then, get your cookies camera-ready with these easy tips to decorate sugar cookies.

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