Baby carrots and bowls of lettuce aren't the only foods that receive delicious tastebud makeovers after a quick dunk in the Ranch Dressing pool. America's favorite salad dressing also gives a flavor boost to favorites like fries, chips, pizzas, wraps and sandwiches. Foods that make a trip to the ranch emerge with a rich, cool coating, a hint of garlic and herbs, and a fatty mouthfeel that amps up their irresistibly.

If it's always "Ranch O'Clock" in your kitchen, you'll want to check out these recipes for foods that are begging to be dipped into the creamy, herby condiment-of-choice.

Dip-n-dunk time! Stacy suggests a double-ranch approach: "I dipped the chicken in ranch dressing then the bread crumb mix, and it came out great this was easy and delicous." HeluHelu33 adds, "Perfect with a little ranch on the side."

Baked Chicken Nuggets
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TATTEREDBUTTERFLY says: "These simple French fries are good anytime. Coated with ranch-style seasoning and deep-fried, they are sure to please even the toughest customers. We like to serve them with ranch dressing and bacon bits."

"This is a great substitution for buffalo wings! Can be made gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. Dip them in ranch or blue cheese for even more added flavor," says ddmama.

Buffalo Cauliflower
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"Absolutely delicious," says korilynne. "The combination of the gouda and pepperoni is beyond amazing." And even better dunked in ranch dressing!

Potato Skins
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Looking for a good pizza recipe to try with ranch dip? Here's one, submitted by Gramapini, who says: "This wonderful white pizza blends the sweet taste of Vidalia onion with ranch dressing and plenty of cheese."

Want your kids to eat more veggies? Get out the ranch, please. Julie Hubert says: "Tots you'll love with so much great nutrition and very low carb. Enjoy warm with ranch dressing or your favorite dipping sauce."

Broccoli Tots
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While blue cheese is the traditional choice for wing dipping, ranch's cool flavor profile makes it a perfect complement to spicy wings. These chicken wings are baked with a mixture of hot sauce, tomato sauce, chili powder and cayenne. "A nice spicy bite," says WALTDOUD. "Vary the seasonings to your liking."

These cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped, and oven-baked jalapeno peppers are a little labor intensive, but the taste will be fully worth your effort. We love these with a side of cooling ranch dressing.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
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If you're only using ranch dressing as a dip, it's time to expand your ranch horizons. Ranch is a terrific slather for any type of sandwich or wrap. It pairs especially well with the savory, crunchy combinations of this wrap. Christina B. says: "My family loves B.L.A.T. sandwiches. The addition of avocado to the normal bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich makes so much sense to a girl born in California! Recently we decided to update our favorite treat by using a tortilla in place of the bread, and ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise. This recipe is so easy and tasty, the hardest part is cooking the bacon!"

This classic snack cracker tastes as good as ever, and it can add zest and crunch as a recipe ingredient, too. Nina suggests:"This crunchy baked seasoned cracker dish can be used as a side dish, a dressing or a stuffing."

Ranch Style Oyster Crackers
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Here's our complete compendium of homemade Ranch Dressing Recipes, whipped up right in your own kitchen. There are versions with jalapeno, garlic, fresh herbs and avocado, and more.

Our Staff Pick of this batch is Chef John's Ranch Dressing. "It's been ages since I made homemade ranch dressing, and I'd forgotten how much better it is than the bottled stuff," he says.