Round 'em up! It's this week in the science of healthy eating.


1. A nutrition advisory panel recommends loosening restrictions on fat and cholesterol and placing sharp new limits on added sugar.

2. Read a Q&A with Professor Walter Willett, whose early research helped cast doubt on the idea that dietary cholesterol was unhealthy.

3. A new study suggests parents who hand wash their dishes (versus machine washing) may reduce the likelihood that their kids will develop allergies.

4. In other allergy news: Exposing babies to peanut butter may reduce their risk of acquiring peanut allergies by more than 80%, according to a study.

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5. Hungry? Maybe have a snack before shopping. Listen to Norbert Schwarz, professor of psychology, discuss how an empty stomach affects purchase decisions.

6. Find out about a compound that can help clean out alcohol's toxic, cancer-causing leftovers in the body. And learn about the downside.

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: Find out why drinking your Syrian hamster under the table is never recommended.

7. Does the sound of someone slurping soup or chewing drive you absolutely bonkers? You may have misophonia.

8. What's the pain-relieving principle behind chili peppers? Find out how capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers spicy, quiets sore nerves, muscles, and joints.

9. Watch a kernel of popcorn explode in super slow-mo! It doesn't just pop. It leaps, it somersaults. It's beautiful. It's the physics of popcorn. James Gorman, New York Times science writer, explains.

Here's a little more on " Snack Gymnastics."