By Leslie Kelly

Don't fight the urge to eat cake in the morning. Heck, coffee cake is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Thank you, German bakers, for creating this tempting sweet bread treat in the 1800s. Just the thing to enjoy with a steaming cup of Joe. Those time-honored preparations get a super-fresh update when summer rolls around. It's prime time to add berries and stone fruit to the mix, adding to the enjoyment of eating cake for breakfast, brunch or, even a midnight snack. Check out these top-rated recipes from our extensive collection of coffee cake recipes, all featuring the best picks of the season.

Hooray for Blueberry

These tart, sweet berries are way popular in coffee cakes because they stay intact until the moment that moist, delicious bite hits your mouth, prompting a loud mmmmmm. Pro tip: The technique of folding is a key technique to master in making sure those blueberries don't bust and turn the batter purple. Nothing to it, just watch this quick video to get the hang of it.

More Berry Good Coffee Cake

Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries also make wonderful additions to this breakfast pastry, though not quite as striking as their cousin, the blueberry. Pro tip: To bring out the full juicy quality of the berries, mash them gently with a fork and sprinkle sugar on top. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Drain off the excess liquid, if any, and add to sparkling water for a DIY summer sipper.

Photo by OccasionalCooker

Stone Fruit Rocks

When you tire of peach juice dribbling down your chin -- because that, and nectarines, are always best eaten out of hand, right -- tuck those beauties into a kuchen. Plums and apricots are superstar baking ingredients, as well. Pro tip: No need to peel 'em when baking.

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