By Mackenzie Schieck
Pictured: Jan's Pretzel Dogs | Photo by CC<3's2bake

Take the ho-hum out of hot dogs.

Why make the same old boring hot dogs? We'll show you how with a few simple moves, you can turn hot dogs into top dogs. From pretzel dogs to bacon-wrapped (oh, yeah), this round-up of top-rated recipes offers up delicious twists on the traditional hot dog that will keep taste buds happy.

1. Jan's Pretzel Dogs

This 5-star recipe is a total crowd-pleaser. And while the directions call for using a bread machine, Wyattdogster was easily able to whip these up without one: "My daughter helped me make these and we had so much fun! With the exception of using my standing mixer to knead the dough and then letting it rise for an hour, I followed the directions exactly. The pretzel dogs came out perfectly and were so good!"

2. Leftover Dog Pile

Make a second meal out of that leftover chili with this hot dog recipe. "I had some leftover Boilermaker Tailgate Chili, some XXL hot dogs, and Sara Lee bread I had bought on the cheap at my local discount grocery store. Quick and easy supper, and most easy on the wallet. My family was so happy." –Sarah Jo

Photo by *Sherri*

3. Corn Dogs

"They taste just like the ones at the fair!" says queen of cakes about this 5-star winner. "I had been searching for a corn dog recipe for a long time and I finally found it. The batter is simple to make and delicious!" Prep tip: Many reviewers recommended drying the hot dogs with a paper towel before coating with the batter for a perfect fry.

4. Detroit-Style Coney Dogs

Charleevee gives a local's stamp of approval with this hot dog recipe loaded with chili sauce, mustard, and onions: "Never have I had a Coney dog better than one from here at home in Detroit—great recipe!"

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

5. Heavenly Hot Dog Sauce

This easy sauce turns ordinary hot dogs into, well, a heavenly experience. "I have tried many of the recipes out there and have enjoyed most of them," says PBFITZ. "However, this recipe is my favorite, hands-down. And it freezes well. Five stars all the way!"

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

6. Fried Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

This recipe's submitter suggests finishing this dog off with all your favorites, and Patty Cakes goes with a less-is-more strategy "I am a simple girl: mustard, onion, and relish are all I need to be a happy camper. Perfectly DELISH!!" And even if you're on the more-is-more side of things, it's pretty tough to go wrong when you start with bacon.

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

7. Air Fryer Pizza Dogs

Put your air fryer to work for this quick weeknight pizza/hot dog mashup. If you don't have an air fryer, you can bake the hot dogs in a 350 degree oven until they start crisping on the slit edges, them stuff them and bake until until the cheese is melted.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

8. Killer Bacon-Cheese Dogs

Swiss cheese and barbeque sauce put a delicious twist on the usual hot dog in this recipe—and to rave reviews! "My kiddo devoured this," says Amanda. "You really can't go wrong with bacon on a grilled dog, and I loved the addition of barbeque sauce."

9. BLT Dogs

A favorite summertime meal meets a classic sandwich in this top-rated hot dog recipe. "This is a great twist on hot dogs," says Cristina Sheehan. "Our young boys loved it!"

Photo by KGora

10. Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Many of the reviewers for this recipe are from Chicagoans who confirm that this recipe is the real deal. And MBRKH has a pro tip for finding the right kind of peppers: "Ahhhh sweet home Chicago—this is the ONLY way to eat a hot dog around here. For those of you having trouble finding sport peppers, they're sold by other jarred pickle/pepper products. They range from a light to dark green and are about the size of your pinkie."

Photo by bd.weld

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