Winner Winner Chicken Dinner — Our Top New Recipe Broke Records Last Week

What even is Chicken Romano?

lemon chicken romano
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Ever wanted a peek behind the scenes at Allrecipes? Well, every Monday, our team meets and takes a look back at the week prior to see what caught the eyes and ears of our audience. Last week, one recipe blew all others out of the water. Its traffic eclipsed not only the other recipes but also every other new article published. So what was behind all that buzz? A weeknight winner, chicken dinner.

The Recipe That Ruled Our Site Last Week

Lemon Chicken Romano was a new recipe developed and published by one of our Allrecipes Allstars, lutzflcat, aka Pat. According to Pat, in this recipe, "Chicken cutlets are crusted with Pecorino Romano cheese and panko bread crumbs and accented with fresh lemon zest." You had us at chicken cutlets. We love everything about this dish — but especially how the pop of lemon zest in the crispy panko crust brightens up the whole flavor.

And early reviews agree! "I made these, they're delicious. The Panko crumb coating makes them delicious," raves reviewer Trish Gillogly. Community member MC Karen writes, "The lemon zest and wedges add a bright flavor. It was a nice change from the chicken parm I was going to make when this recipe popped up in my email."

Why Was It So Popular?

It's hard to say exactly why, but we have a few guesses. We all want more weeknight-friendly recipes, and this one comes together in under 30 minutes. A little linguine on the side, maybe some broccoli or asparagus, too, and that's dinner — done in no time. It's also budget-friendly, with poultry still being one of the more affordable protein options, and most of the other ingredients being pantry staples.

Finally, it's a dish that appeals to even the pickiest of eaters. Who doesn't love crispy chicken and melty mozzarella?! This Lemon Chicken Romano feels like a culinary mashup between two Italian and American faves; like chicken Milanese meets lemon chicken. Altogether, these factors make for one delicious, crowd-pleasing dish — and clearly, you all agree.

Will you be adding Lemon Chicken Romano to your recipe rotation?

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