December 20, 2016

If you ask Allrecipes staffers what their favorite movies are about food and cooking, you'll get an earful. We like to talk about food, eat food, and yes, watch it on occasion. We are never short on food movie recommendations! Here, we've compiled them in a neat and tidy list for you. We even threw in a few companion recipe ideas just in case these movies get your stomach growling. (Consider yourself warned: they will.)

Movies That Make You Go Yum

"My favorite part is the kitchen scene when one brother cooks eggs for his other brother, after they've spent everything on one last effort to get publicity for their restaurant," says Frances Crouter, our onsite marketing manager. Video boss Jack Mitz seconds this recommendation. "This movie really gives a sense of the passion that lives in a chef."

"I love this movie because the cook improves the lives of everyone around her with her intense focus on quality," says Syd Carter, our director of international content.

"This movie serves as a reminder of the beautiful connections that food can create," muses Shannon Nelson, who handles international advertising. Did someone say, chocolate? Despite the name of this recipe, we don't think you can ever have Too Much Chocolate Cake.

Too Much Chocolate Cake
Too Much Chocolate Cake

"Adam Sandler plays a very successful chef, and there's one particular scene that stands out where he is in an argument with a female character," says Brian Lichtman, an Allrecipes senior project manager. "He has just finished preparing an amazing-looking sandwich when she walks in to confront him. The entire time it seems like he can take a bite, but he's left unable to because of the drama unfolding in the story. The viewer wants to see the drama unfold, but also desperately wants to see him eat that amazing sandwich. I've made the sandwich. It's delicious."

"This movie offers a lovely look at how food binds family and friends," says Kevin Thomas, senior director of business strategy. Ad campaign manager Ishea Brown also recommends it, saying, "It was the first food-related movie in a long time that made me fall in love with cooking. And made everyone dream of opening their own food truck." Trust us, you're going to be jonesing for some beignets after you watch this movie—you'd best make these ahead of time.


In this movie, two friends tour Italy's finest restaurants, but as content editor Katie Johnson says, "It's never just about the food. I love how this story reveal characters and relationships through their experiences with food."

Editorial lead Kristen Russell's pick is about the Kadam family who moves from India to the south of France, where they open a restaurant directly across the street from a Michelin-starred spot owned by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren). "This is a gorgeous move - the scenery, the people, the passion for food - it's got everything."

"There's a scene of a chef creating ultra-thin crepes/tortillas with a wad of dough she spins, then nonchalantly dabs against a hot skillet, making these paper-thin, perfectly round wrappers," drools email manager Noel Christmas. "I've never wanted moo shu pork more in my life." Pick up some moo shu wrappers at your local Asian grocer and fill with moo shu vegetables that calls for pre-sliced vegetables for quick prep.

Delicious Documentaries

UX designer Bryce Gifford's movie pick is a documentary about a man who is considered to be the world's greatest sushi chef, but is still searching for "perfection." Begin your own search for perfection in rolling the perfect sushi.

"This is a fascinating documentary about four sommeliers hoping to pass the Master Sommelier exam," says marketing manager Paul Kriloff. "The dedication required and the near-maniacal study they go through to prepare is really remarkable."

Family-Friendly Foodie Flick

Gather the whole gang around the TV for Ratatouille. "This movie opened the eyes of a whole generation of youngsters to food and cooking," says content manager Saffron Hodgson. Ishea Brown also adds, "Pixar and food. I mean, you can't go wrong." We'll give you one guess which recipe we recommend.


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