Snacks make everything better -- shopping included. But you don't have to go to the mall to get those deliciously sinful mall snacks; you can cook them yourself! From copycat mall pretzels to Orange Julius smoothies and Cinnabon remakes, you can now enjoy your favorite mall foods from the comfort of your couch. Hello, online shopping!

Who could resist an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie? No one we know! Look to Sonnia for her special Mrs. Fields copycat recipe. Baked with brown sugar, walnuts, and freshly grated chocolate, it's no wonder these copycats have so many five-stars ratings.

mrs. fields cookie recipe ii

Why splurge on a smoothie when you can make your own for less right at home? Bananas and cream make the sipper extra creamy, while an egg gives it that signature frothiness.

daddio's hacked orange julius

We like big buns and we cannot lie -- especially when they're from Cinnabon! Make your own version of the swirly treats with this wallet-friendly copycat recipe. We won't judge if you start eating the creamy cheese frosting by the spoonful. So. Good.

clone of a cinnabon

Big, warm, and just the right amount of chewy, these pretzels are everything we look for in a mid-shopping snack. Play them up by swapping coarse salt for cinnamon or garlic salt. Delish!

Come on, you didn't think we'd forget the Starbucks, did you? This recipe from Kiley Heidtbrink starts with strong coffee and milk, and finishes with caramel sauce and a few spoonfuls of sugar.

Store-bought cake and pudding mixes put you on the fast track to eat this moist, lemony treat.

Copycat of Starbucks Lemon Bread. Image by AnnaLisa Nelson
Image by AnnaLisa Nelson

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