No need to feel guilty about reaching for that box of cake mix instead of baking from scratch, especially when it's your easy peasy shortcut to these amazing summer desserts. Just hide the box when you're done -- your secret's safe with us.

"I made this for a margarita party for my wife's friends. I added some more tequila over the top after poking some holes in it before added the glaze. Everyone loved the cake." -- seanbhalliday

Margarita Cake
Photo by sarahwalker

"MAJOR WOW FACTOR! I LOVE this cake! Its so easy to make and tastes FANTASTIC!" -- Jessi

Giant Ding Dong Cake
Photo by Nicolette
| Credit: Photo by Nicolette

"Such a great cake! Rave reviews from everybody on this one. Make absolutely sure to use coconut CREAM, not coconut milk." -- BZBMOMOF3

"This cake was phenomenal -- I got rave reviews from kids and parents alike! Will definitely be making this one again." -- cowboyboo

Strawberry Dream Cake I
Photo by Beth K.

"My whole family loved this dessert! I loved the fact that it could be made with things I already had in the pantry." -- cherrob2

"I made this for a one-year-old's smash cake. I did more even layers instead of the 'marble' effect. It was adorable!" -- Gidgetk27

Rainbow Clown Cake

"We have this cake as a standard in our house now for special occasions. Totally awesome!" -- cousin eddie

"I've made this pistachio cake recipe for years, with my only change being that I use milk in place of the water in the recipe. Its a great cake that has always gotten rave reviews." -- Cookin' With Lukie >^..^<

Pistachio Cake III
Photo by Susan P.

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