When summer serves up beautiful fresh fruit, turn it into these top-rated savory appetizers. They're impressive bites for entertaining or for simply snacking on the porch.

These versatile toasts are a great first course, appetizer, or even dessert. This bruschetta is mostly savory with the goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, and fresh thyme, while diced fresh strawberries provide a touch of sweetness. "The way the tangy, slightly salty goat cheese works with the syrupy, balsamic-coated strawberries and crispy, charred bread is a thing of beauty," says Chef John. Grill, toast, or broil your sliced bread.

Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Photo by Jennifer Baker

"This combines the crunchiness of bacon and water chestnuts with the wonderful flavors of pineapple," says Barbara. MadFamMom raves, "I loved this. I was excited about adding the pineapple to my old standby appetizer. I'm hungry just thinking about them now."

Easy Rumaki with Pineapple
Photo by lutzflcat

You'll wrap sweet, juicy peaches in thin slices of prosciutto and grill until just warmed-through. The prosciutto gets deliciously charred and crispy, creating a sensational texture counterpoint to the soft peaches. You'll serve it alongside rich-and-creamy burrata cheese, drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil. Enjoy as an appetizer or a sweet-and-savory appetizer.

The sweet flavor and firm, juicy texture of nectarines make them a secret weapon for spicy salsas. Here they combine with onions, red bell peppers, fresh cilantro, and jalapenos. "I love the marvelous contrast between hot, smoky meat, and cold, fruity salsa," says Chef John. "The only thing that pairs better with this fresh fruit salsa than grilled meat is a basket of crispy tortilla chips."

Chef John's Nectarine Salsa
Photo by The Gruntled Gourmand

Pitted dates are stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon and broiled until the bacon's beautifully brown and crispy. "The balance of smoky, salty, and sweet are perfect for an appetizer -- it covers ALL the bases," raves INDYJOANIE. "These wraps are good when hot, but I think even better after cooled a bit."

Bacon and Date Appetizer
Photo by Jessica

You'll top tostada or tortilla chips with mashed avocado and a sweet-and-spicy mixture of shredded chicken, diced mango, red onion, jalapeno pepper, and fresh cilantro. "These are great as a meal on regular-sized tostada shells," says Sheila.

Mini Chicken and Mango Tostadas
Photo by bd.weld

"A slice of toast with a schmear of creamy burrata is already a beautiful thing," says Chef John. "But when you add a pinch of herbes de Provence, salt, and a slice of peach brulee, you are talking about a whole new level of beautiful." The herbs and salt do incredible things to the mild cheese and sweet peaches. When fresh peaches are in season, this is the perfect appetizer for entertaining.

"This sweet and creamy ricotta toast makes the perfect brunch or mid-day snack," says France C. "Grilling the fruit adds a lovely caramelized flavor, topped with the sweetness from the honey, crunch from the almonds and brightness from the hint of fresh mint. Use a thick-cut crusty bread like sourdough so it can stand up to the toppings."

Grilled Honey-Nectarine Ricotta Toast
Photo by France C

"Gruyere and blue cheese partner well with the savory goodness of the onion, bacon, and basil, all with a pop of fresh fruity flavor from blueberries," says lutzflcat.

Mini Blueberry Naan Flatbreads
Photo by lutzflcat

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