Every month, millions of home cooks like you tune in to watch and learn how to cook up something good from Allrecipes. Here's what viewers were most hungry to see in April.

Top 5 Recipe Videos for April 2016

Breakfast took the top spot this month, with this pancake recipe getting nearly 30,000 views. What makes them so special? Well, maybe because they're just like grandma used to make...literally. Dakota Kelly, who got the recipe from her own grandma, says that judging from the weathered look of the recipe card, this was a family favorite. You'll need only 7 ingredients to make them, and the video gives you tips for what the pancakes should look like when they're ready to flip over. Hint: Watch for bubbles.

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There's a surprise ingredient in the mix that makes this French toast turn out crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Join the 23,000 others who watched the video to find out what it is.

Close to 22,000 viewers learned the secret to this crisp and juicy chicken: Blast it with high oven heat for a few minutes, then finish roasting at a lower temperature. Did I mention the herb-and-spice rub that makes the skin absolutely irresistible? Reviewers love it!

Who would dare call a recipe the "world's best?" When John Chandler submitted this back in 2001, he meant the title as a bit of a joke. But since then it has become, hands-down, the most popular recipe on Allrecipes. It doesn't take fancy ingredients, it's very easy to make, and it's even been featured on Good Morning America. It's still going strong with 20,000 views this month alone.

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When you've got to get dinner on the table in a hurry, skinless, boneless chicken is one of our most popular go-tos, and 18,000 viewers went to this one. It's a simple recipe that takes just minutes to prep before you pop it into the oven. Then you get to kick back, Snapchat, chill. That sort of thing. Pretty soon dinner's ready.