By Vanessa Greaves
May 20, 2017

In the 20 years since we started showcasing your recipes on Allrecipes, we've read thousands upon thousands of your reviews. One thing stands out: When you love something, you're not shy about telling the world. So, we've rounded up the top 20 recipes that you're wild about, that you've OMG'd about, and that you've joined the community just so you could rave about. Take a look -- did your favorites make the list?

"OMG!!! THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Mandy

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"I never leave reviews, but I just had to say these are the BEST roasted potatoes." -- Lynda

"Wow! After making this cake I knew it would go over well, but I had no clue how EVERYONE would rave about it." -- Marissa G

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"Eureka! I've searched high and low for a good coleslaw recipe and finally! This is so good, I want to give it more than 5 stars!" -- hippiechick

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"OMGoodness! I need more stars! The combination of lemon and coconut is so good! Even Hubby, who is not a fan of lemon, really liked this. The flavor was even better the next morning." -- SHORECOOK

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"Good stuff!!! The combination is a taste bud bonanza!" -- happychef1

"This is soooooo good!!!!! I absolutely love this pie!!!! It doesn't deserve 5 deserves 1 million stars!!!" -- pink-loves-orange


"A 10 star recipe! I am known by my friends and family as making the best sangria ever....and this is the recipe I use." -- ROOKIECOOKIE1

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"Just 3 letters can sum up this recipe...OMG. I am not a key lime pie fan but this was amazing." -- Debby marney Mattingly

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"The truth is in the title!!!! I use this recipe all the time, so good." — storewell879

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"OMG!!! This is a wonderful wonderful recipe! It lives up to its name. It was my first time ever making bread and they turned out really nice and soft." — dottology

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"Whooo! Whooo! This was my first-ever attempt at lasagna of any kind & my boyfriend went CRAZY for it!!" -- Dieck

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"These lemon bars are just PHENOMENAL. Easy, and they have made me FAMOUS at Christmas time. -- Sharon

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"This is the best pancake recipe EVER!!! No more box pancakes for me! And I usually don't rate any recipe!!!" -- krazievue

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"Oh my goodness...this cake is PERFECTION!! It was the easiest and most yummiest chocolate cake ever." -- GAMOM2

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Mmm...This Cake Tastes Sooooo Good!!! I can eat this for a lifetime and never stop!!! THAT'S JUST A SAYING TO DESCRIBE THE GOOD TASTE!!! -- CookingMamaGirl

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"Wow!! Is this good!! No, it's fantastic!! Made exactly as recipe is stated!!! I will be making this alot. Thank u so much!!" -- icelady1392us1932

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"MAKE THIS RECIPE!!! DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!! I made this for my mom for Mother's Day and OMG these are the absolute best ribs you will ever taste!" -- LESLIE34

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"WOW. This is so good it's insane." -- MANAWOLF

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"OH-MY-GOD! The name of this recipe really justifies the result! This is highly recommended for the chocoholics who needs a satisfying chocolate fix!" -- domesticgoddess

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