These quick quiche recipes work perfectly for any meal of the day. It is an absolute brunch favorite and a bonus if you toss some salad and pour a glass of mimosa!

Fluffy, full of flavor, and the breakfast food of our dreams, quiche brings together all of the best morning staples in one dish. From classics like Quiche Lorraine — rich with bacon — to a spring vegetable-loaded vegetarian-friendly quiche, there are so many possibilities for how to whip up the perfect brunch or weekday breakfast one-dish wonder. Some of the most Brunchworthy are right here on Allrecipes and are made with 10 or fewer ingredients — most of which you probably have on hand right now. Get inspired and master your fave by tackling these top-rated quiche recipes.

Vegetarian Quiches

There are so many possibilities when it comes to integrating vegetables into your quiche. From plump mushrooms to spring's freshest asparagus and summer's scrumptious tomatoes, there's no limit. Pro tip: Keep in mind the water content of the veggies you're adding, as it might dilute the fluffy eggs in your quiche.


Meat Quiches

Always the star at weekend brunch — and for good reason — is the balanced delight of a quiche loaded with bacon, ham, and other meaty goodies to complement fresh or frozen veggies. Quiche Lorraine weaves together bacon, onions, and cheese for perfect harmony and plenty of wiggle room for your own creative spin.


Crust-less Quiche

For some folks, eating a cheesy pie for breakfast seems downright sinful. Or, perhaps, gluten is getting in the way of your good time. Either way, the easy solution is to both hesitations is a crust-less preparation. Use muffin tins, casserole dishes, or just a classic baking tin to whip up some crust-less quiche wonders.



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