By Carl Hanson

Turn your tomato sauce into a week's worth of delicious dinners -- from cacciatore to stuffed peppers, enchilada casserole to quick cabbage rolls. You'll start with an all-purpose tomato sauce. Make a big ol' batch on a sleepy Sunday.

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Some favorites Tomato Sauce Recipes:

Once you've slow-simmered the sauce, you're ready for a week's worth of deliciously different dinners. Here are ten 5-star recipes to choose from:

1. Chef John's Baked Eggs

"If you enjoy huevos rancheros, you will love this," says Chef John. "The way the spicy marinara sauce mingles with just barely set eggs is very similar, and when you start scooping this up with toasted chunks of bread, it gets borderline magical."

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2. Chef John's Stuffed Peppers

Seasoned meat, rice and tomatoes are stuffed into tender sweet peppers, then baked with a rich marinara and beef broth sauce. "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING," raves ousooner1. "The marinara sauce is a must. I served these on a bed of rice, drizzled sauce on rice and placed peppers on top. This combination of flavors sent our taste buds into overdrive."

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3. Melissa's Chicken Cacciatore

Black olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and Madeira wine combine with chicken breasts and marinara sauce in this comfort-food classic. "Excellent and easy to make," raves sharyn. "Great flavor."


4. Curry Stand Chicken Tikka Masala Sauce

Chunks of chicken breast simmer in a spicy tomato and cream sauce. "The creaminess of the tomato sauce with the spices was perfect," says TOODLESTEACHES. "It was really easy, too."

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5. Cabbage Rolls II

Cabbage leaves are stuffed with ground beef, onions, and rice, then placed in the slow cooker and covered in a sweet, tangy tomato sauce. "Great Recipe," raves WISSAMO. "This was a breeze to make and tasted awesome. I doubled the sauce mixture only because I like alot of it!"

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6. Wazzu Tailgate Chili

A simple chili that's full of spicy flavor. "This recipe has won me a Best Overall Chili trophy at my work's Chili Cook Off two years in a row," says soapscrubs.

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7. "Pantry Raid" Chicken Enchilada Casserole

This tasty Mexican-inspired casserole requires just a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand, including black beans, tomato sauce, cheese, some common spices, and a box of corn bread mix.

8. Saucy Slow Cooker Pork Chops

You'll simmer pork chops in the slow cooker with a flavorful tomato sauce. "The sauce is fantastic," raves SamsMom. "It exceeded my expectations! Delicious!"

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9. Personal Portobello Pizza

With these personal pizzas, portobello mushrooms stand in for pizza crusts. Top it with tomato sauce and your favorite pizza toppings. "Excellent," says NARAKU. "I marinated my mushroom in a bit of Italian dressing for a little extra flavor, and with a little cheese and tomato sauce, it was wonderful."

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10. Sirloin Tips and Mushrooms

Cubes of beef sirloin are browned with garlic then simmered until tender with mushrooms in tomato sauce and red wine. "This was so easy and so good," says junglepeachpie. "I used more tomato sauce, wine, and garlic."

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VIDEO: Chef John's Sunday Pasta Sauce

See how to make Chef John's famous meaty sauce. This video shows you the procedure for making a basic red sauce for pasta. Chef John calls this a "procedure" rather than a recipe video because the process is never the same twice. The sauce usually features a combination of meats, thoroughly browned in the oven. Basically, any meat combination works. In this example, Chef John includes beef shank, pork ribs, and chicken thighs. The browned meats simmer in tomato sauce until they're so tender the meat falls right off the bones. See how it's done:

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