By Leslie Kelly

It's been a huge year for the Alaska salmon industry, which is great news for fish fans. Seattle-based chef Tom Douglas shows us a quick and easy way to make restaurant-fabulous fillets at home.

Nearly all wild salmon available in the U.S. is caught in the icy waters off Alaska, with King (also known as Chinook) being the most beloved for its luscious, Omega 3-rich oil content. Other species found in supermarkets and from fish mongers include:

Sockeye – Prized for its deep red flesh, color retention, distinctive flavor and firm texture.
Coho – Known for an orange-red flesh, superior texture and excellent eye appeal.
Keta Salmon – Known for its firm pink flesh, moderate fat content and delicate flavor.
Pink Salmon – Known for its light, rose-colored flesh and delicate flavor.

While fresh salmon is typically sold from May through October, improved technology for freezing fish at sea means wild salmon is now available year-round.

For more advice on how to prepare salmon, check out Tom's recent blog post and this info-packed guide from Alaska Seafood.