Baking just got groovier.

If 2020's baking yeast shortage is any indication, we all kind of lost our collective minds with baking back in that first lockdown last spring. It was fun for a while, but there's little doubt that the cookies and treats that once brought us so much joy in dark times now feel a little more pale and lifeless than they once did. 

If you're looking to restore that sense of pizzazz to your baking, Nestle Toll House's Disco baking chips should go a long way towards getting your groove back. Sold in 5.5 ounce bags, these baking chips finally answer the eternal question: "What if Studio 54 had an oven?"

nestle toll house disco morsels with edible glitter
Credit: Walmart

As you might imagine, these are no ordinary chocolate chips. That's because each bag contains a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate chips and edible glitter morsels, making for some of the shiniest (edible) cookies your eyes have ever seen. As a product description suggests, this discofied pantry staple is also a perfect way to literally brighten up pancakes, cupcakes, or even breads. I can't be the only person who thinks "disco bread" sounds like it could be some kind of drug euphemism, but maybe it's just the next big thing in baking waiting to happen. 

Whatever reservations you may have about edible glitter, which has by now found its way into everything from maple syrup to prosecco, the key thing of note is that the morsels are made with "100% real chocolate." That means you're getting all of the visual benefits without cutting any corners on taste. 

You'll find these Disco morsels on sale now from retailers like Walmart, where $2.48 will buy you enough sparkly goodness to beautify 24 cookies. If that's all it costs to put a little creativity and sparkle back into your baking, I'd say that makes for a pretty good deal.