By Leslie Kelly
August 19, 2015

Juicing isn't just a way to extract liquid from fruits and vegetables, it's an important part of a lifestyle embraced by a growing number of people looking for the holy green grail of health. Fortunately for clean eating, and clean drinking consumers, there's a juicer to fit every user profile. Here are tips on how to find one that's right for you.

102214226 manual juicer photo by Meredith Publishing
Manual juicer makes squeezing oranges easy. Photo by Meredith Publishing

Manual Juicers, Citrus Press

  • Designed for easy use anywhere, from the kitchen counter to the curbside lemonade stand
  • Good for small batches of orange and other citrus juices
  • Easy clean-up
  • Effectively extracts juice
  • Good value
102243078 manual juicer
Hand held juicer. Photo by Meredith Publishing

Hand juicer

    • Designed for quick, easy use
    • Ideal for adding juice to recipes while cooking or salads before tossing
    • Effectively prevents seeds or bitter pith from getting through the strainer
    • Easy cleanup, simple storage
    • Inexpensive
102250241 centrifigal juicer photo by meredith
Centrifugal juicers are ideal for fruits and vegetables. Photo by Meredith Publishing

Centrifugal juicer

      • Powerful way to extract juice from fruits and vegetables
      • Especially effective for dense foods like carrots
      • Food is pushed through sharp teeth, which separates the juice from the pulp and the fiber
      • Centrifugal force is used to drive the juice into a filter before its final journey into a waiting container
      • Good for vegetable juices

Cold pressed juicer, also known as a masticating juicer

    • Extracts high levels of nutrients
    • Considered a more gentle process than the traditional centrifugal juicer, foods are crushed and then pressed
    • Ideal for making dairy alternatives such as cashew milk and almond milk
    • Quiet running motor
    • Doesn't require monitoring during the juicing process

Orange juicer

  • Separates juice from the pulp
  • Quick, efficient
  • Can be used for all citrus fruit
  • Extracts juice much like a hand-held or the manual juicer
  • Good for large batches