Deck the halls with hazelnut spread, fa la la la la la la la la.

Some people have a fascination with little tiny objects, finding joy in everyday objects scaled down to the point of whimsy and cuteness.  Others delight in making their own ornaments around the holidays, putting a bit of personal flair on the Christmas tree. And I'd estimate that an even greater number of people really love Nutella. 

Well, thankfully there's a Nutella offering that's perfect for stuffing stockings, making ornaments, or just enjoying a sensible portion of the wondrous cocoa-accented hazelnut spread. Behold: little tiny jars of Nutella. 

Found by Instagram snack info clearinghouse @SnackGator, these baby-sized jars of Nutella can be found at Meijer, which presumably means they wouldn't be too hard to spot at other major grocers nationwide. Weighing in at about one ounce (or thirty grams), you'd need between seven or eight of these to equal what you'd get from a standard-issue jar of Nutella. 

Though that means they probably aren't the best buy for your money purely in terms of cost per ounce, you can't put a price on how dang functional these are compared to your bigger jars of Nutella. Small enough to easily fit in a stocking or a purse (or even a pocket) for on the go snacking, some folks out there have done a little bit of DIY work to fashion them into Christmas ornaments. Think of it as yet another bit of inspiration for 2020, the year of edible decorations

Though it's not expressly called a "Holiday Nutella," the festive labeling from @SnackGator's photo would seem to suggest that these tiny treasures will only be around for a limited time. So if your elf on the shelf needs a snack, get moving. Otherwise, they might start feeding you false information next year.