The sweetest way to wake up in the morning.

McDonald's puts Oreos in their ice cream. DQ does, too. Now Canada's beloved quick-service diner restaurant is getting in on the candy bar-coffee goodness with a brand-new Kit Kat drink lineup. This collection of lattes, hot chocolate, and cappuccinos all have the yumminess of a Kit Kat mixed with mocha for an extra sweet start to your day.

Tim Hortons Kit Kat Drinks
Photo: Tim Hortons

Here's what you can expect to find on the Kit Kat menu: The Iced Capp is Tim Hortons' frozen blended coffee drink but with a fun surprise, "chocolate wafer syrup" and Kit Kat crumbles.

The Kit Kat Latte is a plain latte with chocolate wafer syrup and Kit Kat crumbles, and the Kit Kat Hot Chocolate is the hot chocolate but with the same toppings and syrup to make it even more chocolatey and decadent.

These three drinks are in stores for a limited time, cut off date TBD.

The Iced Capp will cost you between $3.09 and $4.09 depending on location; the latte between $2.89 and $3.89; and the hot chocolate between $2.29 and $2.99.

The Iced Capp and Latte come in a few sizes: small, medium, and large. The hot chocolate comes in all three. too, but also one more—an extra large for, you know, when you've got that major chocolate craving and want an extra heavy pour.