You Can Cook Steak in the Toaster According to Tiktok— But Should You?

Just go easy on the sauce.

tiktok toaster steak
Photo: @itsmeju1iette via Tiktok

Over the past few months, TikTok's regulatory status and potential future ownership remains as clear as mud. What we do know, however, is that the ostensibly song-based social media platform remains one of the most reliable places to find truly crazy food content, ranging from ingenious hacks to truly cursed preparations.

In case you were looking for something that managed to check both of those boxes at the same time and/or have a hankering for red meat, well, just take a look at this from @itsmeju1iette.

Yup, that's Juliette preparing a steak using a toaster, swapping out bread for beef. Though the bite-sized nature of TikTok posts deprives us of the opportunity to watch the whole steak sizzle, it sure looks like she's putting a raw piece of meat in there and retrieving something edible. Whether it's still edible after it's absolutely smothered in steak sauce (or is it Worcestershire?), however, is a different matter entirely. If anything, that's probably the most disturbing, triggering part of the whole TikTok.

Though it's easy to think that the Toaster Steak is nothing more than a bit of cleverly-edited trolling designed to go viral, there's reason to believe that you really can make a steak in a toaster. A video by YouTubers Rhett & Link shows that a toaster puts off enough heat to cook a steak— provided you cut it into a hunk of meat small enough to fit. They say that putting it in for four toasting cycles on the highest setting translates to a medium-rare cook, so it's not the most instantaneous process. Still, pretty cool.

So if you're getting bored of making quesadillas in the toaster, perhaps it's time to step your game with a steak. Or maybe meet in the middle with a steak quesadilla? Whatever you do, please, for the love of god, just use a normal amount of sauce.

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