True Pickle Fans Have to Try These 3 TikTok Pickle Hacks

Plus, a Snickle taste test.

Nothing can replace the salty and sour flavor of classic pickles, but a few hacks might just enhance it. We tried three new (or new to us) ways to enjoy pickles like never before. From ranch to red Kool-Aid, get ready to level up your pickle game.

First up, TikTok-famous ranch pickles. Combining two of the world's most irresistible flavors sounds like a sure-fire win. The concept is extremely simple: Just dump a packet of ranch seasoning into a 24-ounce jar of dill pickles, shake it up, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

The end result was a little surprising in that the ranch powder transformed the pickle juice from thin and watery to thicker and more buttermilk-like. The final flavor was a mild improvement on the original with a slight bite of onion and garlic coming through. Regardless, we were pleased.

Next up, a creative combination from the South: Kool-Aid pickles. This recipe is a simple way to infuse a whole lot of flavor and fun into everyday pickles. By just adding a packet of Kool-Aid and some sugar to the pickle juice, regular dill pickle spears become bright red, sweet and sour snacks overnight.

The sugar mellows out the pungent, vinegary brine of the pickle juice, resulting in a balanced flavor that even non-pickle lovers can enjoy. Some say they serve these alongside barbecue or as a pre-cookout snack. Don't let the vibrant color scare you off—if you like bread and butter pickles or traditional relish, you'll be all about these fruity, tangy "Koolickles."

If you've ever had a pickleback shot, you probably know that pickles and alcohol make a pretty nice pairing. This vodka-pickle hack creates both vodka-spiked pickles and pickle-flavored vodka, all in one. Simply pour out ¾ of the pickle juice from a dill pickle jar and replace it with vodka, then shake and let the jar sit in the fridge overnight.

When you crunch into vodka pickles, you taste the familiar brine of pickle juice, but at the end you'll notice the slight heat of alcohol creeping in. As for the spiked pickle juice, it lends itself perfectly to bloody marys or even martinis. All in all, pickles and vodka is a dangerously delicious combination.

Now, it wouldn't be right to send you off without acknowledging one of the biggest pickle fails we attempted as well. The Snickle is perhaps the most offensive creation on the internet right now: A Snickers candy bar nestled between two slices of a jumbo dill pickle. It is slimy, chewy, and an extremely unnatural combination of flavors. Trust us, you don't need to try this one at home.

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