TikTok Shows The Right Way to Open Coffee Creamer

So obvious yet so mind-blowing.

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Though it's a cheesy aphorism increasingly akin to "live, laugh, love," there's some truth to the idea that you shouldn't talk to someone until they've had their coffee. Before that caffeine can jumpstart our systems, even the most basic tasks can seem insurmountable. Rather ironically, removing the pesky foil on a new bottle of coffee creamer would seem to fit that bill.

Much like pretty much everything else food or beverage related these days, the good news is that there's a TikTok hack for that. Leave to @CarlyRose352, a self- described "#coffeeaddict," to explain how it works.

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For years, you may have been clawing and prying at that little foil covering the lid. As it turns out, you just have to remove the hinged top, placing the part that flaps open over the foil, and slamming it home. Voila! Instant access to (sweetened) dairy for your coffee.

If you're just catching onto the purpose of that tab thing on the underside of your coffee creamer's top (does it have a name?), don't worry. @CarlyRose352 says she's been drinking coffee since she was 17 and only learned of this little secret last week. If that's the case, there are probably millions out there still living in the dark ages when it comes to creamer consumption.

While a lot of the viral food creations like pancake cereal get a lot of attention, this is just the latest entry in a series of practical bits of kitchen advice on the social media platform. It's a great place to learn how to cut cake with floss, fill up your ice cube tray properly, and even make quesadillas in your toaster. Consider this more proof that it's not just a platform for youths to perform viral dances.

So if you want a faster way to enjoy the contents of a new bottle of coffee creamer, you now know what to do. What you do with all that time you've saved is totally up to you.

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