5 TikTok Cleaning Tricks That Actually Work

We're still obsessed with this all-natural microwave cleaning idea.

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You're probably more familiar with TikTok as a universe where coordinated dances, silly pet videos, and viral food trends reign supreme. (Psst…did you hear that @allrecipes is now on TikTok, too? Our easy one-ingredient caramel can't be missed.)

The trendy social media site is also home to countless cleaning accounts dedicated to soothing videos of serene spaces and grime removal. Tune in and you can watch as someone organizes a cluttered closet into Marie Kondo-approved perfection or transforms a spice collection from chaos to codified.

Beyond organization, cleaning tricks abound. But just like those food trends, some are flops while some are flawless. Below, five TikTok cleaning hacks that actually work as promised.

1. The All-Natural Microwave De-Gunker

The next time you notice splatters and crumbs on the walls, bottom and top of your microwave, make like @jessicahaizman and fill up a bowl or pitcher with water. Microwave the bowl for 3 to 5 minutes, which creates enough steam that you should be able to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces squeaky clean.

If the steam needs a little assist, finish the task with something like Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray. Or to really up the ante, follow @allisonscleanin's lead, and add one half of a lemon and a splash of white vinegar to the bowl of water before you press "on."

2. The Burnt Skillet-Saver

@ramdeep.osahan blew our minds — and, honestly, made us a bit skeptical — when we first saw his video for a pantry staple solution to a stained and burnt-looking skillet surface. But in true TikTok style, several other users including @danshaba validated that this truly does the trick to make the outside of an aged skillet look like new.

To try it yourself, inside a 9- x 13-inch cake pan or something that can catch liquid, flip over the skillet so the bottom faces up. Sprinkle the surface with salt, a bit of baking powder, and finish with a generous drizzle of liquid dish soap. Cover with paper towels, pour on a cup or so of white vinegar, then use the paper towels to scrub the dark coating away.

3. The Toilet Seat Trick

Sure, you can use the toilet bowl cleaner and a brush to tackle the inside, and a cloth and spray to spiff up the exterior of the toilet, but how about those little nooks and crannies near the seat?

@shessunday taught us that it's simply a matter of flipping open those little covers, twisting the knobs, and the seat should slide right out.

4. The Ceiling Fan Duster

Quite possibly one of the quickest and easiest TikTok cleaning hacks — and one that helps us tackle a task we absolutely dread — all you need is an old pillowcase and a step stool or ladder that will allow you to safely reach the fan.

@cleanthatup taught us that you can just wrap the open end of the pillowcase around each blade, then pull from the center out to the end of the blade, trapping all of the dust inside the pillowcase as you do so. Repeat on each blade and you're now dust-free, and with no extra floor vacuuming required.

5. The Sink Disposal Deodorizer

Some home cooks swear by putting juiced and zested citrus down their sink garbage disposal to help it smell citrusy and fresh. But what's a clean fiend to do when there's still a hint of lingering scent?

@cleanwithbecky has the solution, and it totally does the trick: Pour about ½ cup baking soda in and around the drain, then add ½ cup white vinegar. Allow this to sit for about 10 minutes so the natural chemical reaction can commence. (Some bubbling and fizzing is normal!) Boil a pitcher or kettle of water, then use this to flush away the baking soda mixture and clear out the drain area. If any smells remain, finish with a capful of disinfectant, such as Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Multi-Surface Concentrate.

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