TikTok's Easy Candied Kielbasa Is the Ultimate Crowd-Pleaser

We can’t get enough of this double-glazed deliciousness.

Hearty, smoky, and savory, kielbasa sausage is a dinner staple for a reason, starring in everything from sausage-potato casseroles to seafood boils. But thanks to a viral TikTok, we've just found one of the easiest and most delicious ways to prepare it for a crowd: candied kielbasa bites.

Blogger Vic's Tricks To… shared this recipe on TikTok, calling it one of her "fave holiday appetizers" that always gets "a thousand compliments"—and just by watching her pull the gorgeously glazed sausage bites out of the oven, we can see why. But just to be sure, we had to try the recipe ourselves.

What Is Candied Kielbasa?

TikTok's Candied Kielbasa Bites
Liza Schattenkerk

This finger food hits all the flavor notes: sweet, smoky, salty, and tangy, all delivered with a crisp snap from the roasted skin. Twice-baking deepens the flavor of the brown sugar-mustard glaze while creating a delectable caramelization and shine.

This party app has a fancy feel, but with none of the fuss. The whole recipe calls for just five ingredients and is ready in under 10 minutes of work on your part. The only crucial instruction? Use parchment paper on your baking sheet instead of aluminum foil. This will prevent the sausages from sticking as they're transferred to and from the stovetop (plus, it'll make clean-up a breeze).

How to Make Candied Kielbasa

To make candied kielbasa, just slice the sausage link into half-moon chunks about a half-inch thick. Then, combine brown sugar, mustard (dijon, stone ground—any kind but yellow), vinegar, and ground black pepper) to form a quick sauce. Coat the sausages in the mixture, bake for 15 minutes, then repeat the coating and baking process once more until the pieces reach a deep brown color and start to crisp up.

That's it! Sweet sausage goodness, ready to serve in under an hour.

Whether you make this for holidays, game days, or dinner parties, this appetizer will steal the show on every occasion. But, word to the wise: we recommend doubling or even tripling the recipe—no matter the size of your party, there won't be any left behind.

Ready to wow your guests? Grab the full recipe for TikTok Candied Kielbasa Bites before your next get-together.

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