Viral TikTok Shows Trick for Perfect Avocado Preservation

Is it really that simple?

TikTok Avocado Trick
Photo: TikTok/@kmag1

These days, there's a lot of food waste going around. A misallocation of supply and demand in the wake of closed restaurants, schools, and other businesses has led to an unfortunate waste of everything from dairy to potatoes and more. But even on a non-pandemic micro-level, wasting half of an avocado, that precious and pricey green superfood, sucks.

The internet is rife with competing theories about avocado preservation, so it was perhaps only a matter of time until someone from TikTok took up the reins and showcased their special theory for keeping an avocado fresh for longer. And, well, it's a doozy.

According to the insightful TikTok account @kmag1, who seems like a perfectly normal person nonetheless possessed with a certain amount of genius, perfectly preserving half of an avocado requires nothing more than a resealable container filled with a little bit of water. Just toss the half of an avocado (with the pit intact) in a shallowly-filled resealable container, leave it in the fridge, and you're done. Behold the video where they share this hack.

It's the kind of solution that seems so simple you don't want to believe it, but @kmag1 came with the receipts, showing off an avocado 24 hours later that's almost identical in appearance 24 hours after taking its initial dip. Though it's a bit water-logged, a few pats with a paper towel should be enough to make it palatable. See for yourself.

TikTok is already a repository of so many simple kitchen hacks, ranging from the genius of the "toasterdilla" to simply filling your ice cube tray more efficiently. Given that "avocado anxiety" is (sadly) something of a real problem, the knowledge that you don't have to finish an avocado all at once could provide some serious peace of mind.

So this weekend, don't force feed yourself more avocado toast than you can handle. Spread it out over two days safe in the knowledge that a little water can go a long way.

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