This TikTok Hack Will Change How You Make Quesadillas for Good

It's like a clock, kind of.

If there were two things we collectively did a lot more of last year, it was "make our own food at home" and "distract ourselves from reality with TikTok." Inevitably, those two trends collided throughout 2020, with the nearly-banned social media platform serving up all kinds of recipe ideas and kitchen hacks to make sure that even the most hopeless among us could eat well during quarantine.

So, several months after TikTok gave us the "toasterdilla," some inspired posting from @AlphaFoodie shows how dividing and conquering can be the secret to stepping up your quesadilla game.

As the overhead video shows, a great way to load up a quesadilla properly is to treat your tortilla sort of like a pie chart, with one ingredient in each quadrant. In this case, that means za'atar from 12 to 3:00, moving counterclockwise to add cheese, spinach, and a homemade chili sauce.

Using this method, the process of folding and flipping becomes easy enough, too. As the video demonstrates, just cut from the center of the tortilla out to the edge by the quadrant where your first ingredient lives, fold it in a counterclockwise direction, rotate, and repeat. Then let it toast up in a heated pan, flip, and repeat.

Cheese quesadilla gourmet on a wooden table
Karl Tapales/Getty Images

To some, this "hack" may be completely obvious. But for others out there, trying to make the perfect quesadilla can feel like putting together a puzzle, so it's nice to have this bit of content as a sort of visual guide.

The real question is: can you still make a quesadilla like this in the toaster? There's only one way to find out…

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