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Ladies and gentlemen, start your party-planning engines! It's time to put on the perfect bash for this year's Daytona Day, Sunday, February 21, noon Eastern Time on Fox.

It's the biggest race of the year. How will you celebrate? We've got some party ideas for throwing a winning Daytona Day Party.

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Set the Scene

The Daytona 500 started out as a race partially run on the sand of Daytona beach. So if you love a day at the beach, honor Daytona's origins with a beach-themed party -- no actual sand required. Ask your guests to wear casual beach wear: sundresses, straw hats, beach shirts, khaki know the look.

Or go full speed ahead with a racing theme! Cover your buffet table with checkered flags as tablecloths, paper plates with steering wheel designs, and decorate the room with black-and-white checkered balloons. As a centerpiece, use a big trophy, decorated with mini racecars and other fun racing stuff.

Designate an area in the house as Victory Lane. Then play these race-related games -- the winner takes home the big trophy!

Test your Daytona 500 knowledge. Play Daytona Day Trivia.

Play the fantasy Daytona game on Fox. Pick the 10 top drivers in the order they'll finish.

Play Pit-Stop Challenge. Divide your guests into pit crews. Then have each team assemble a die-cast model car. First crew to put it together wins! You can find model kit cars with no paint or glue required. If you like, design little "pit passes" for each guest, and hand them out in lanyards.

Prepare some friendly wagers. Who'll be leading after the first lap? At lap 250. Who'll be the first to crash? Who's first in the pit? Who'll be in the top 10? Take bets, and give away little party favors for each winner -- tiny toy racing cars are a fun choice!

Winning Recipes

You can't lose with pizza, beer, and wings. But what about a Race Car Snack Track for Daytona Day? The track is bean dip, and the infield is guacamole with a sour cream border. Make this, then take a victory lap!

Photo by Esmee

And no snack track is complete without stockcar-driving bears! They're made with Teddy Grahams, mini candybars with M&M wheels. So simple and fun!

Photo by Esmee

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