This Week's Top Stories On Food Science & Healthy Eating, Vol. 5

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Should you eat canned tuna? What about canned salmon? Time magazine looks at the issues.

Man who lived 9,000 years ago in the Pacific Northwest ate seafood almost exclusively, bone analysis reveals.

A growing scientific consensus is finding that cholesterol in food has little effect on blood cholesterol, which is the cholesterol that concerns doctors. Forthcoming dietary guidelines may change as a result.

What causes bad breath? And how can you avoid it? A fun cartoon covers the bad-breath basics.

More good news about nuts from several studies.

New strains of beans can withstand increasingly hot temperatures...and even thrive in a hot, dry environment.

A fascinating look at the role alcohol plays in human cultures, dating back to paleolithic times.

Abundant grasshoppers are a great source of protein, but they're tough critters to catch. Is indoor grasshopper ranching the answer?

Artificial sweeteners like saccharin may alter the type of gut bacteria that help orchestrate metabolism, possibly leading to obesity and diabetes.

California's new water rules are an attempt to save 1.5 million acre feet of water. That's the equivalent of 10 billion short showers or 31,534,009,225 kegs of beer.

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