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Include nuts, seeds, and legumes with fresh fruits and veggies in your plant-based diet, says Harvard.

When you eat wasabi, receptors on neurons in the body "feel" the burn. Scientists studying these receptors say

Food & Wine offers recipes for homemade response to a new study that suggests microbes in fermented kimchi could increase metabolic activity and aid digestion.

In 2013, the FDA found an untested

amphetamine-like stimulant in some diet pills and sports supplements but raised no warning. The stimulant has not been removed.

Are almonds the water-hogging "satan's nut" draining away CA's H2O? It's a bit more complicated that that,

A new book looks at

how humans turned wild animals like aurochs and wolves into mild-mannered, domesticated cattle and dogs. Also considered: cats, horses, goats, camels, sheep, and pigs.

An infographic

breaks down the factors that influence our health...and helps explain why the U.S. ranks 34th in the world in life expectancy.

A new study suggests that

eating leafy greens that are high in vitamin K, like spinach, on a daily basis may help slow cognitive decline.

Seems everybody's

talking about the microbiome. But what does the term mean? Dr. Jonathan Eisen looks into its origins.

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