This Week's Top Stories On Food Science & Healthy Eating, Vol. 28

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Also, there will be a quiz.

A report by the World Health Organization says bacon and other

processed meats can cause cancer.

The LA Times answered readers'

questions about the WHO's report on processed meats.

Meanwhile, TIME has a graphic that shows

how bacon, including turkey bacon, causes cancer.

In other news, new research links childrens' sugar consumption to

conditions that lead to heart disease and diabetes.

In a related story, Harvard Public Health helps us locate

where the added sugar is hidden.

CNN explores the

benefits of eating less meat.

Eating healthy as a child pays off later in life.

If the bad news about processed meat drives you to

eat chocolate, read this.

Harvard Health reminds us that we should get our

vitamins from foods not supplements.

Take The New York Timesweekly health quiz.

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