This Week's Top Stories On Food Science & Healthy Eating, Vol. 26

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Also, there will be a quiz.

Your coffee habit is good for you.

Here's why.

A study shows improved cholesterol levels for people with Type 2 diabetes who

drank red wine daily.

A frosty mug-a-beer after a workout. Good idea?

Let's take a look.

These veggies help

preserve your eyesight as you grow older.

Spicy foods are healthy and may prolong your life.

Here's the scoop.

Researchers find that eating organic food

lowers levels of pesticides in children.

The health benefits of drinking alcohol

may not be the same across races and gender.

Check out this list of

the best fruits and veggies for weight loss.

TIME Health looks at

healthy foods that may not be sustainable.

Take The New York Times weekly health quiz.

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