This Week's Top Stories On Food Science & Healthy Eating, Vol. 12


Also, there will be a quiz.

It's hot out there. Stay hydrated. But, you know, not OVER-hydrated!

An Asian mushroom may manipulate gut microbes and

protect against affects of obesity.

Sleep expert Dr. Virend Somers discusses a study showing a

relationship between belly fat and poor sleep in men. (VIDEO)

Researchers have

strategies to rescue cacao from pests, fungal infection, and a changing climate.

Jane Brody of The New York Times offers tips on fighting childhood obesity.

Can a high-fiber diet

help prevent asthma?

How the microbiota in our guts may

influence mood.

The four ways that

picky eaters are not alike.

A diet that mimics fasting lengthened lifespans in mice also had

benefits for human subjects.

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